The Carrier Air Wing

The typical air wing aboard a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier usually contains four FA-18 squadrons, one S-3 squadron, one EA-6B squadron, one E-2C squadron, and one helicopter squadron. You can find detailed information on each of these aircraft by clicking on the silhouette. That will take you to the Navy Fact File for that particular aircraft.

FA-18 E/F Silhouette
FA-18 E/F Hornet
FA-18 C/D Silhouette
FA-18 C/D Hornet
E-2C Silhouette
E-2C Hawkeye
S-3B Silhouette
S-3B Viking
SH-60 Silhouette
SH-60 Seahawk
EA-6B Silhouette
EA-6B Prowler