ASW Transformational Concepts and Capabilities—Near- and Mid-Term (2005-2015)

Detect/Track. Good intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) will continue to be the preparatory bedrock of all ASW capabilities and we shall endeavor to take full advantage of the situational knowledge, including environmental data, accumulated during peacetime surveillance missions. However, new ISR technologies such as the Advanced Deployable System (ADS) and Low Frequency Active (LFA) sonar will enable U.S. forces to be more responsive to changing threats and potential adversaries and help ensure that they are comprehensively held at risk.

The Advanced Deployable System (ADS) is an example of the transformational potential of off-board distributed systems that is likely to become a central part of the Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS). It consists of a series of passive, bottom-fixed, battery-powered hydrophones connected to one another and linked to a processing site ashore or afloat by fiber optic cables or radio signals. Given relatively short notice, current technology trends suggest that a system could be deployed on demand to provide reliable subsurface awareness, the number of sensors set out being dependent on the prevailing acoustic environment. IUSS will also be given considerable boost in capability by a high-powered, low frequency active (LFA) acoustic system that will provide long-range detections in most conditions.

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