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  • Things to Know: Navy College Program Updates

    As part of the software backbone used to support the functionality of the Navy College Program website and Navy College Virtual Education Center (NCVEC), the Navy College Management Information System (NCMIS) is continually updated. See the new updates at
  • Navy Addresses Problems with Military Housing

    While the Navy has made great strides in identifying and fixing residence issues during this recent surge, it is worth reiterating that Sailors and their families may always request command involvement to solve housing issues to include Chain of Command visits and direct involvement from Installation Commanding Officers and housing personnel as needed.
  • Navy Releases More Public-Private Housing Survey Results, Continues Corrective Plans

    The Navy has released more details from its 2019 Summary of the Navy Public Private Venture (PPV) Housing 'Out of Cycle' Survey, conducted earlier this year based on concerns with privatized family housing. Find the story at
  • Fleet Readdiness Center East Welcomes First Class of National Apprenticeship Program

    With an eye on recruiting and retaining aircraft maintenance professionals, Fleet Readiness Center East welcomed its first round of participants in the National Apprenticeship Program Monday, August 12. Read more at
  • Navy Announces FY-20 General Military Training Requirements

    Navy announced fiscal year (FY) 2020 General Military Training (GMT) requirements via Naval Administrative Message (NAVADMIN) 191/19, released Aug. 13. The number of mandatory topics has been reduced to empower commanders with a greater ability to decide what training their personnel should receive. For more information visit
  • Navy Announces Upcoming Administrative Processes to Achieve Best-Ever Performance

    The Navy announced a series of forthcoming administrative changes meant to foster a culture of excellence and assist the service achieve best-ever performance in NAVADMIN 187/19, released Aug. 9. Follow for more info.

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  • 1819 - Commodore Oliver H. Perry, the hero of the Battle of Lake Erie, dies on board the schooner, USS Nonsuch, in Trinidad of a fever contracted during his successful efforts to suppress piracy while maintaining the friendship of Latin American governments. It was his 34th birthday.

    1862 - A boat crew from USS Essex, commanded by Capt. William D. Porter, is fired on by Confederate guerillas at Bayou Sara, La. In return, USS Essex shells the town.

    1864 - During the Civil War, Rear Adm. David G. Farraguts squadron capture Fort Morgan at Mobile Bay, Ala., winning control of Mobile Bay. The fort withstands naval bombardment for more than two weeks.

    1890 - USS Baltimore (Cruiser #3) departs New York Harbor to return the remains of inventor John Ericsson to his native Sweden. For the US Navy, Ericssons most notable designs are for USS Princeton and USS Monitor. In honor of Ericsson, three U.S. Navy ships have been named in his honor: the torpedo boat Ericsson (Torpedo Boat # 2), 1897-1912; and the destroyers Ericsson (DD 56), 1915-1934; and Ericsson (DD 440), 1941-1970.

    1942 - During Operation Europe, USS Tuscaloosa (CA 37), escorted by destroyers Rodman (DD 456) and Emmons (DD 457) and British destroyer HMS Onslaught, arrives at Murmansk, Russia, and disembark men and unloads equipment from two RAF Bomber Command squadrons that were transferred to North Russia.

    1963 - The first satellite communications ship, USNS Kingsport (T AG 164) connects President John F. Kennedy with Nigerian Prime Minister Balewa who is on board for the first satellite (Syncom II) relayed telephone conversation between heads of state, in Lagos, Nigeria.