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  • A New Tool for Reservists Looking for Active Duty Opportunities

    For active duty - AT, ADT, ADSW and MOBs - Reserve Sailors should use ZipServe located on MyNavy Portal. To access ZipServe, Sailors must log into MyNavy Portal and navigate to the Career & Life Events section. Once there, they will scroll down to Deployment & Mobilizations to locate ZipServe.
  • Consider joining Navy Reserve as opposed to separating completely

    A new division N3R was formed under the Navy Recruiting Command. It is comprised of prior-service benefits advisors, all of whom have been reservist. They work with CCCs to provide options and educate Sailors looking to separate from the Navy which assists with retention. REGNAV Sailors may not be familiar with options and benefits of going reserve.

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Story Number: NNS011216-09  Release Date: 12/16/2001 21:50:00

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  • 1848 - A party of men from the sloop-of-war USS Dale march 12 miles inland from Guaymas, Mexico, to capture and spike a 3-gun Mexican battery that was firing at other ships.

    1941 - USS North Carolina (BB-55) is commissioned. Some of the notable battles she participates in are the Guadalcanal Campaign, the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, the Battle of Philippine Sea, and gunfire support during the Iwo Jima invasion.

    1943 - Due to World War II, the rank of commodore is reestablished as a temporary rank. During the 1986 Defense Authorization bill, O-7 officers are called rear admiral (lower half).

    1944 - TBM bombers and FM-2s aircraft (VC 58) from USS Guadalcanal (CVE 60), together with USS Pillsbury (DE 133), USS Pope (DE 134), USS Flaherty (DE 135), and USS Chatelain (DE 149) sink German submarine U 515.

    1959 - The first seven Mercury astronauts are selected, including three Navy aviators and one Marine: Lt. Cmdr. Walter M. Schirra, Lt. Malcom S. Carpenter, Marine Lt. Col. John Glenn Jr., and Lt. Cmdr. Alan B. Shepard.