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Commander of Atlantic Submarine Force Shifts Tactical Control of Ballistic Missile Subs

10 November 2020

From Submarine Forces Public Affairs

Commander, Submarine Force Atlantic (SUBLANT)/Commander, Task Force (CTF) 114/Commander, Task Group (CTG) 114.4 turned over the reins of CTG 114.4 to Commander, Submarine Group 10 (SUBGRU-10), Nov. 9.

The shift creates a more streamlined and effective method of command and control of Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) forces.

“Moving the mission and tasks of CTG 114.4 to Submarine Group 10 will enable a more direct command and control structure to our strategic leg of the nuclear triad and is another great example of how we are a ready and agile undersea force,” said Vice Adm. Daryl Caudle, Commander, SUBLANT/Commander, CTF 114. “As Rear Adm. Spencer and his team continue to provide excellent force generation oversight, they now will have tactical control over all Atlantic Ohio-class SSBNs.”

The responsibilities of CTG 114.4 are to exercise tactical control (TACON) over Atlantic Ohio-class SSBNs, coordinate and conduct submarine-launched ballistic missile test launches, and direct/coordinate strategic exercises for SSBNs in the Atlantic.

“This is an important change for the submarine force,” said Rear Adm. John Spencer Commander, Submarine Group Ten. “From a strategic deterrence perspective, there is value to the geographical dispersion of command centers and to pushing tactical control to a lower level of decision making. My team is ready and excited about these new responsibilities.”
Submarine Group 10 is the nation's pre-eminent provider of sea-based strategic deterrence, strike and unique Ohio-class guided-missile submarine special operations capabilities.

The U.S. Submarine Force provides the training, logistical plans, manpower and operational support to maintain the ability of the Force to respond to both peacetime and wartime demands while ensuring the U.S. Navy maintains undersea superiority into the future.


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