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Chief of Navy Reserve Releases Navy Reserve Fighting Instructions 2020 to Reserve Force, Focusing on Warfighting Readiness

24 November 2020

From Commander, Navy Reserve Force Public Affairs

Vice Adm. John B. Mustin, Chief of Navy Reserve and Commander, Navy Reserve Force, released the “Navy Reserve Fighting Instructions 2020” to the Reserve Force, Nov. 24, via ALNAVRESFOR 025/20.

Vice Adm. John B. Mustin, Chief of Navy Reserve and Commander, Navy Reserve Force, released the “Navy Reserve Fighting Instructions 2020” to the Reserve Force, Nov. 24, via ALNAVRESFOR 025/20.
The Fighting Instructions reaffirm the Navy Reserve’s strategic direction in alignment with the National Defense Strategy, while accounting for recent global events and Navy organizational changes to rapidly move the Navy Reserve forward. The Fighting Instructions also share Mustin’s singular priority after his first 100 days.
“We are focused unambiguously on warfighting readiness. It is my number one and only priority – period. We will generate the combat power and critical strategic depth that the Navy requires to prevail in conflict in an era of great power competition. That is our job, and why the Navy Reserve exists. All else is secondary,” Mustin said. 
The new direction focuses the Navy Reserve’s efforts to achieve warfighting readiness by transforming the way it designs, trains and mobilizes the Force. 
DESIGN THE FORCE: In line with Navy requirements, the Instructions specifies the Navy Reserve will identify warfighting capabilities that are best suited for the reserve component (RC). This effort will ensure all capabilities residing in the RC provide a clear benefit to the Navy. Decisions to place capabilities or capacities in the RC will be based on assessments that the Reserve Force can deliver these capabilities at reduced cost, and within acceptable risk, relative to the Active Component (AC). Also included in Design the Force are warfare growth areas under consideration; and organizational, structural, management and administrative changes to optimize warfighting readiness.
TRAIN THE FORCE: Chief among Train the Force is what is called “MOB-to-Billet,” which focuses training and all time spent in uniform preparing Sailors for their mobilization billets, in addition to the more traditional unit training requirements which are the cost of being a Reserve member. This includes ensuring all Selected Reserve personnel understand their programmed mobilization billets; and that they are trained and ready to activate and fight on "Day One." It also supports the Chief of Naval Operations “IA to Zero” effort to reduce the number of individual augmentee billets supporting the war on terror, and calls for infusing the force with a sense of character in line with the Navy core values, diversity and culture. 
MOBILIZE THE FORCE: Mobilizing the Force for a conflict against a peer or near-peer adversary requires developing and employing mobilization processes based on the MOB-to-Billet design in order to expedite activation of RC forces in times of need. This includes implementing Distributed Mobilization, allowing for activating the entire Selected Reserve population of approximately 50,000 in 30 days and subsequent deactivation; and also calls for implementation of the Navy Personnel & Pay (NP2) system by January 2022, which will simplify pay processes for Reserve members going on and off active duty.

“As a Navy Reserve, we have much to be proud of. Every day, our Sailors are doing superb work in every domain and in every theatre on the planet, and our Navy is stronger as a result,” Mustin said. “Achieving strategic depth and improving warfighting readiness requires us to build on the hard work completed so far with a sense of urgency. I’m excited by the work ahead.  It will be challenging, but in the end, our Navy Reserve will be warfighting ready on Day One. Now, let’s get busy.”

The mission of the Navy Reserve is to provide strategic depth and deliver operational capabilities to the Navy and Marine Corps team, and Joint forces, in the full range of military operations from peace to war.
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