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Kearsarge Chief Pulls Sailor from Car Crash

30 December 2020

From Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Nicholas Boris

A USS Kearsarge (LHD 3) chief petty officer rendered rescue assistance to a Hampton Roads area based Sailor following a traffic accident on Dec. 21, 2020.

NORFOLK--Chief Aviation Machinist Mate Mike Mabry, from Houston and assigned to the Wasp-class amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge (LHD 3), was on his way to work when he saw an overturned vehicle Dec. 21, 2020. 

Without hesitation, Mabry sprang into action to help clear the accident and render aid to potential victims. “I immediately pulled over, got out of my truck and ran up,” said Mabry. “There was a civilian who had got out of his car to help, a surgical tech that worked for Veterans Affairs.”

The victim, who was a Sailor, was trying to pull himself through a shattered window when Mabry arrived to assist him out of the vehicle.

“I pulled the Sailor out of his vehicle and made sure he was responsive and that he was okay,” said Mabry. “The civilian surgical tech stayed with him while I went and directed traffic to avoid the lane.”

Mabry called emergency services and directed traffic while awaiting their arrival. “The civilian surgical tech did his thing,” said Mabry. “The fire department was the first to respond and took over from there.”

Once Mabry determined the scene and victim were safe and emergency services had control, he reported for duty aboard Kearsarge.

“Chief Mabry is new to Kearsarge,” said Capt. Neil Koprowski, commanding officer of Kearsarge. “He saw a car flipped over on Interstate 64, he jumped right out and pulled somebody out of the vehicle. That is the epitome of doing more for others and an example of Kearsarge’s motto of proud, trustworthy and bold.”


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