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Southwest Regional Maintenance Center Holds Pinning Ceremony for New Chief Petty Officers

01 February 2021
Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC) held a pinning ceremony for newly promoted chief petty officers on Jan. 29.

SAN DIEGO — Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC) held a pinning ceremony for newly promoted chief petty officers on Jan. 29.

During opening remarks, Capt. David Hart, SWRMC’s commanding officer, encouraged the newly pinned chief petty officers to “feel the weight of your new responsibilities and rise to be a leader the Navy will be proud of in all circumstances.”

Earning anchors is a proud milestone in a Sailor’s career. The rank of chief petty officer was established April 1, 1893 and, 128 years later, the tradition and history of Navy chiefs is stronger than ever.

“Use the skills and character traits that led to this promotion to serve this country with honor and dignity and exemplify all of the qualities of a true leader for your shipmates,” continued Hart.

Due to COVID-19, the chief selection process incorporated new safety precautions during training and events to prevent any spread. This included the added precaution of using online platforms to conduct required leadership courses and a special virtual meeting with the 12th Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, Master Chief Rick West. 

Adm. Michael Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations, wrote a letter to the chief selects of the Navy. In it, he said, “As ‘The Chief’ your actions influence and mold those in your charge. Your professionalism, motivation and character will directly form our force for years to come and that should not be taken lightly. As your scope of responsibility increases, your leadership and expertise will continue to grow. The strength of the Chief Petty Officer Mess is our Navy’s more important weapons system – Our Sailors.”

Chief Nicholas Pierce, SWRMC’s Chief Petty Officer Association President, shared that “despite current limitations, the SWRMC Chiefs Mess is confident that they are still producing an outstanding group of new chiefs.”

SWRMC is meeting its mission to provide superior ship maintenance, modernization, technical support, and training for the Pacific Fleet.

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