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Results of Navy Annual PPV Tenant Satisfaction Surveys Released

29 April 2021

From Kyle Hendrix, Commander, Navy Installations Command Public Affairs

WASHINGTON - This year’s privatized housing survey was conducted between December 2020 and January 2021. The survey provides each household with a voluntary and confidential opportunity to share open and honest feedback on their housing experience.

Results from the 2020 Navy Public-Private Venture (PPV) housing Tenant Satisfaction Survey (TSS) show an overall score of 77.0 for family housing, representing a slight 3.2 point decline from the previous survey. Tennant comments indicate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to the decline. Detailed survey results by the installation are being used to guide where the Navy and our PPV partners can continue to make improvements and take corrective actions.

“Quality, affordable housing continues to be a significant factor for our Sailor’s and their family’s quality of life,” said Vice Adm. Yancy Lindsey, commander of CNIC. “I greatly appreciate those who took the survey and provided us valuable feedback on their housing experience.  Your voice and input help us and our partners ensure we can continue to provide a quality housing product and service.”

About the survey

The annual TSS is funded by the Department of the Navy (DON) and distributed to residents of privatized family and unaccompanied housing through a third-party survey company. The survey provides each household with a voluntary and confidential opportunity to share open and honest feedback on their housing experience.

This year’s privatized housing survey was conducted between December 2020 and January 2021 with residents at 47 installations consisting of 248 family housing neighborhoods, as well as residents in unaccompanied housing at two additional installations.

Survey results

The TSS, conducted by CEL & Associates, focused on three satisfaction indexes – overall satisfaction, property satisfaction and service satisfaction. These indices provide CNIC with a snapshot of the PPV residents’ opinions regarding the condition of the homes and neighborhoods, and the quality of the services provided. Of the 34,295 surveys distributed to PPV residents, 28.5 percent responded (7.3 percent decline from FY20) generating the following average scores, based on a 100-point scale:

• Overall Satisfaction Index: 77.0 (3.2 point decline from FY20)

• Property Index: 74.0 (2.5 point decline from FY20)

• Service Index: 78.8 (3.7 point decline from FY20)

Across the 47 Installations surveyed, 89.4% (42) rated in the Outstanding, Very Good, Good, or Average ranges (100.0 thru 70.0) in the Overall Score, 8.5% (4) rated Below Average (69.9 thru 65.0), and 2.1% (1) rated Below 55.  

A detailed summary of the FY21/Report Year 2020 TSS results can be found here:

While PPV partners worked diligently to provide continued service to residents throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges presented appear to have contributed to the decrease in overall satisfaction scores at 37 of the 49 installations surveyed. Pandemic-related tenant comments include the need for more communication, multiple staff changes and shortages, confusion over what qualified as emergency maintenance, and length of time on-site amenities were or have been closed. The Navy and our PPV partner companies have put the health and safety of residents first throughout the pandemic and will continue to work in concert to provide services while mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

While the majority of neighborhoods scored above average, PPV neighborhoods that received an overall score less than 75 are required to develop a targeted action plan to address issues identified by residents. These action plans are submitted to CNIC and Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) to review and track progress.

Progress made to fulfill FY 2020 NDAA requirements

In addition to the TSS, the Navy continues to focus on improving its oversight of PPV housing and enhancing the living experience for service members and their families. The Navy is implementing the Department of Defense-issued Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) Tenant Bill of Rights (TBOR,) which addresses 15 of the 18 rights in the FY 2020 NDAA.  The three remaining rights are being actively negotiated and are expected to be implemented as part of the new universal lease that is being developed.

During the annual DON and PPV Partners meeting, held April 7, 2021, all parties confirmed their commitment to continue working through the various tasks needed to implement the remaining rights by June, 2021.

Recent efforts/ongoing improvements

  • Housing Dashboard: CNIC continues to improve oversight of project company performance and the FY21 phase of the electronic dashboard updates will focus on improving oversight metrics for PPV occupancy, action plans for TSS survey results, and highlighting awareness of key metrics related to project sustainment.
  • Tenant Bill of Rights: CNIC has worked with PPV partners and Housing Service Centers (HSC) to ensure full implementation of the 15 signed provisions for the Tenant Bill of Rights. Following OSD guidance, the Navy is postured to implement the full Tenant Bill of Rights, including the universal lease, dispute resolution and rent segregation in June 2021.
  • Increased leadership involvement/oversite: CNIC has developed installation level briefings to better educate command leadership on the PPV program and to help increase engagement. Additionally, the Navy now conducts quarterly ‘town hall’ events for residents of PPV housing. These events are being held in person or virtually through social media and other online channels, and typically feature installation leadership, HSC staff and PPV representatives. CNIC has also added a PPV course to the Housing Service Center training curriculum, increased the emphasis on PPV oversight within the Navy Senior Shore Leadership Course and developed a PPV program leadership guide.
  • Navy Housing Service Centers: HSCs have also made several adjustments to better serve residents including hiring additional Navy staff members across the shore, increased training for personnel and several new initiatives to aid in gauging resident satisfaction so issues can be remedied in a prompt fashion.

“I want to thank the 9,779 family housing and 813 unaccompanied PPV housing residents who took time off from your busy day to fill out the survey,” said Greg Wright, CNIC Housing director. “In the fall of 2021, we plan to synchronize the PPV TSS survey with our worldwide portfolio of government-owned and leased housing. Conducting our four Navy housing surveys-- PPV family, PPV unaccompanied, government, family and government unaccompanied-- at the same time each year will make it more convenient for the residents and align the Navy with DoD guidance.”

For more information about Navy Housing, go to or visit your Navy Housing Service Center.


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