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U.S. Navy Submarine Force Announces Submarine Readiness Squadrons, Formerly Naval Submarine Support Centers

15 July 2021

From Submarine Force Atlantic Public Affairs

NORFOLK, Va. - Naval Submarine Support Centers (NAVSUBSUPPCEN) Groton, Connecticut; Kings Bay, Georgia; Bangor, Washington; and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii changed their names to Submarine Readiness Squadron (SRS), July 15.

The name change is in alignment with the submarine community’s mission to generate combat ready submarines to meet mission tasking and generation for combatant commanders by supporting operational submarines, new submarine construction, and addressing and maintaining the operational fleet needs during Chief of Naval Operations maintenance availabilities.
“The extraordinary combat readiness of our undersea forces is a direct result of the masterful planning, management, and execution skills of the Submarine Readiness Squadrons,” said Vice Adm. Daryl Caudle, Commander, Submarine Forces. “I rely on the SRSs every day to ensure our submarines are trained, equipped and, most importantly, ready to conduct high-end combat around the world.”
The name change does not change the mission of the SRSs. The commands will still provide centralized operational, logistic and administrative support to submarine squadrons.
SRSs ensure assigned personnel, staffs and submarines achieve and maintain a level of training, personnel and material readiness necessary to carry out their assigned missions; provide focused personal and professional growth opportunities for assigned personnel; and encourage, develop and share innovative ideas and new concepts on how to most effectively and efficiently train, maintain and employ submarines now and in the future.
"The name change more accurately reflects our mission to ensure submarine readiness is maintained at the highest level," said Cmdr. Shawn William, commanding officer of SRS-32. “We continue to support a robust submarine community that delivers a major impact and provides unique capabilities to operational commanders.”
Now, effective, July 15, the commands will be known as Submarine Readiness Squadron, or SRS, 31 (Bangor), 32 (Groton), 33 (Pearl Harbor), and 36 (Kings Bay) and will continue to provide excellent support to submarine squadrons.
The mission of the Submarine Force is to execute the Department of the Navy’s mission in and from the undersea domain. In addition to lending added capacity to naval forces, the Submarine Force, in particular, is expected to leverage those special advantages that come with undersea concealment to permit operational, deterrent and combat effects that the Navy and the nation could not otherwise achieve.
The Submarine Force and supporting organizations constitute the primary undersea arm of the Navy. Submarines and their crews remain the tip of the undersea spear.


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