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MSRON Eight Detachment Groton Hits Major Milestone

04 August 2021

From NECC Public Affairs

GROTON, Conn. - Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron (MSRON) EIGHT Detachment Groton, recently achieved a major milestone completing over 1,500 high value unit (HVU) escort missions at Naval Submarine Base New London. A small detachment with a big mission, the team operates 34-foot patrol boats to provide force protection for high value units transiting in and out of the Groton, Conn. base.

“Accomplishing over 1,500 submarine escorts safely is a real milestone for us,” said Lt. Commander Mickey Templar, the detachment’s Officer in Charge. “We have the challenges of a constantly changing schedule that supports real-time alterations that suit the mission of our fleet. This involves all hours of the day and night, and the extremes of weather conditions.”

Gunner’s Mate 1st Class Detrick Carhee, an engineer and armory specialist, echoed Templar’s sentient and described how the team’s unity, teamwork and leadership come together as some of the best he has seen in his career.

“The Sailors are always ready and qualified for any challenges thrown their way” Carhee said. “I personally have not witnessed a tighter knit group of individuals who, at such short notice, can go out and complete one of the Navy’s most important jobs by providing security for Navy warships in-and-out-of-port. The quality of work present, and such keen attention to detail, is unheard of and represents the best throughout the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command] that I have seen in my career.”

The excitement and pride in the detachment’s mission accomplishment was apparent in the shared sense of teamwork and unity expressed by fellow members of the team.

“At Squadron Eight HVU Det, we get the job done!” exclaimed Boatswain’s Mate 2nd Class Meaurie McCullogh. “I am excited and proud that we have completed over 1,500 missions without missing a beat! Our team is tight and we are dedicated to being the best we can be at all times, both on-and-off the water. We live the philosophy, ‘One-Team-One-Fight!’”

For Sailors like Electronics Technician 2nd Class Timothy Konowal, hard work both on and off the water is key to successful missions.

“Every single crew member has a backstage job as well to make things happen and run as smooth as possible whether it is maintenance, planning, supplies, or all of the above and beyond” said Konowal. “It takes a special group of individuals to do what we do and it's the hard work that gets us as far as we have successfully come along.”

MSRON 8 is one of seven Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadrons within Navy Expeditionary Combat Command. The Maritime Expeditionary Security Force operates ashore, at sea and across the littorals providing port and harbor security, high value unit protection and maritime security operations to secure and protect the U.S. Navy’s maritime lethality across the globe.

“It is a real testament to the team’s unity and professionalism that really gets the job done,” said Templar. “I am very proud of the Active and Reserve Sailors that put in the time and effort to make up our detachment work to protect these national assets.”

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