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NAMCE-T Aircraft “Move Training” Aims to Reduce Mishaps

02 November 2021

From Naval Aviation Center for Excellence -Training (Courtesy article)

LEMOORE, Calif. - Naval Aviation Center for Excellence -Training (NAMCE-T) Lemoore, California held their first structured on-the-job training for 10 Sailors onboard Naval Air Station Lemoore October 14.

The training, led by Sailors assigned to NAMCE-T, provides an introductory-level approach to the personnel requirements when moving F/A-18E/F aircraft. Each member of the Move Team, the Sailors assigned to re-position aircraft, plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of personnel, aircraft, and support equipment.

“NAMCE-T, in coordination with Strike Fighter Wing Pacific (CSFWP) and the Center for Naval Technical Training Unit (CNATTU) Lemoore, is working to establish a strong culture of safety and provide standardized move procedures,” said Cmdr. Joseph Stierwalt, Officer in Charge, NAMCE Lemoore. “Anything we can do to reduce aviation ground mishaps is a win in my opinion.”

Aviation ground mishaps are among the leading causes of readiness degradation. The purpose of the training is to provide Sailors with a greater level of expertise in aircraft movement in order to decrease the number of preventable incidents.

“Improvements to existing qualification procedures directly influence readiness. NAMCE-T will be an integral part of developing Fleet-ready Sailors on a consistent basis,” said Cmdr. Ronnie Harper, CSFWP Maintenance Officer.

Naval Aviation Center for Excellence (NAMCE), Lemoore, is responsible for the inspection, repair, and return of aircraft that are undergoing long-term maintenance to Ready Basic Aircraft status in support of F/A-18E/F Super Hornet readiness worldwide. NAMCE-T’s parallel mission is to offer agile, structured training to Fleet Sailors in all aspects of F/A-18E/F maintenance.


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