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Celebrating the Navy Seabee Birthday on March 5

05 March 2022

From Naval Education and Training Command

PENSACOLA, Fla. -- On March 5, the U.S. Navy commemorates the establishment of the Seabees by remembering their heritage and extensive contributions to naval history during the past 80 years and recognizing their important mission today.

Every enlisted Seabee starts their career after boot camp by attending construction “A” schools managed by the Center for Seabees and Facilities Engineering (CSFE), where they learn the essential skills and knowledge to support their career growth and fleet readiness.

“Since our inception 80 years ago, U.S. Navy Seabees have been present in every war and conflict since World War II,” said Capt. Peter Maculan, commanding officer, CSFE and the Naval Civil Engineer Corps Officers School. “The Seabees are providing tactical/expeditionary engineering expertise in remote locations around the world in support of the fleet and our nation’s priorities.”

A military’s capacity to build, maintain and break down infrastructure in hostile environments can play a pivotal role during wartime. As World War II raged across the Pacific, Rear Adm. Ben Moreell recognized the need for combat-trained Navy construction units and petitioned for authority to establish the Naval Construction Force, also known as the Seabees, to work under command of the Civil Engineer Corps.

Notably, during World War II, Seabees served on naval combat demolition units and were among the first ashore at Normandy on D-Day, responsible for dismantling the German-built barriers designed to prevent amphibious landings. Throughout our history, Seabees have worked tirelessly supporting the Korean War, Vietnam War and Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

The Seabees’ unusual name comes from the pronunciation of C.B. for "construction battalions." This inspired the Seabee logo, which depicts a buzzing bee holding construction tools and a rifle.

Working under the motto "Construimus, Batuimus," meaning, "We Build, We Fight," the Navy Seabees do exactly that.

Today, Seabees provide the Navy an unconventional asset found nowhere else in the U.S. military. They dedicate their unmatched highly specialized trade skills and military prowess to protect our nation and are consistently involved in public works projects, disaster recovery initiatives and humanitarian efforts, even in times of peace.

CSFE trains today’s Seabees as builders, construction electricians, construction mechanics, engineering aids, equipment operators, steelworkers and utilitiesmen at schoolhouses in California, Mississippi, Texas and Missouri.

“It is a great honor and privilege for our entire CSFE domain to be charged with the training to enhance warfighting lethality and leadership in expeditionary construction,” said Maculan.

We build, We fight, We win!

CSFE designs, delivers, evaluates, and maintains construction, facilities engineering, and environmental training coupled with character development that enhances warfighting lethality and leadership capabilities in expeditionary construction and facilities management.

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