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US Naval Community College Selects Arizona State University for Organizational Leadership Program

28 June 2022

From Chief Mass Communication Specialist Xander Gamble

The U.S. Naval Community College selected Arizona State University as the Pilot II organizational leadership associate degree program June 2, 2022.

QUANTICO, Va. — The U.S. Naval Community College selected Arizona State University as the Pilot II organizational leadership associate degree program June 2, 2022.

This new agreement provides active duty enlisted Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen an opportunity to earn a naval-relevant associate degree in organizational leadership that will directly contribute to the readiness of the naval services and set them on a path of life-long learning.

“We are excited to expand the educational opportunities for our enlisted men and women in uniform with this new associate degree program,” said USNCC’s President Randi R. Cosentino, Ed.D. “This new degree program with an existing partner institution means that we have already established a foundation for the quality education we expect for our Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen, and we can get to work on focusing on the organizational leadership component of that education.”

Naval professionals who pursue the Associate of Arts in Organizational Leadership through the USNCC will have an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of leadership in organizations across all sectors—private, nonprofit, government and military. They will develop the skills needed to solve problems, communicate effectively, assess programs, manage resources, and evaluate emerging technologies. The degree will also have an established transfer path to a Bachelor’s of Arts in Organizational Leadership as well as to many other degrees  through ASU.

“One important aspect that successful organizations tend to have in common is competent, skilled leadership,” said ASU Vice Provost for Academic Alliances Cheryl Hyman. “This program builds a leadership foundation that will benefit students whether they are in a leadership role now, or will assume one in the future. They will learn useful skills applicable to any work or environment, regardless of assigned role.

“We commend the U.S. Navy for being committed to developing their service members and to the U.S. Naval Community College for leading the effort. We look forward to this important collaboration.”

The degree pathway also includes a certificate in Naval Studies taught by the USNCC’s faculty and a professional certificate in organizational leadership through ASU. 

“Leadership is important at all levels of naval service,” said Cosentino. “Our organizational leadership degree program demonstrates the value of leadership education at the lowest levels of leadership – the young Sailor on the flight deck launching and recovering aircraft at sea, the Marine Lance Cpl. in ground combat operations overseas, or the young Coast Guardsman standing the helmsman watch on a cutter while fighting piracy. That’s where leadership begins.”

ASU is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. While the USNCC is pursuing accreditation – a process that typically takes two to three years – ASU will be the primary degree grantor for this associate degree program, ensuring the service members who graduate from this program receive a transferable degree from an accredited institution.

Active duty enlisted Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen can fill out a student interest form on the USNCC website,, and the USNCC anticipates accepting applications on the website starting in August. The first courses will start in the spring of 2023.  

The United States Naval Community College is the official community college for the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. To get more information about the USNCC, go to Click on the Inquire Now link to learn how to be a part of the USNCC Pilot II program.


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