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Twins Embark on a Journey at Sea

15 August 2022

From MarQuan Stith, Navy Recruiting District Raleigh

RALEIGH, N.C. - Brian and Angel Hernández Mendoza of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, are identical twins who are leading the way, as they are the first in their family to swear into the world’s greatest Navy.

Brian and Angel are seniors at Chapel Hill High School and when asked why they chose the Navy, they said, “It is a way for us to get a college education and to do something new and positive with our lives.”

Angel said that he never thought about the Navy until he got a call from their recruiter, Operation Specialist 1st Class Johnathan Davis, assigned to NRS Durham.

“After I received a call from OS1 Davis and discussed the benefits that the Navy offers, it was then that I got interested,” Angel said. “I did the research and asked OS1 Davis a lot of questions regarding the Navy. Once I knew I wanted to do it, I then informed my brother Brian.”

Brian said that this was a decision they made on their own and without the influence of their family.

“We wanted to join to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and once it was presented to us, we knew this was the opportunity for us,” Brian said. “We didn’t get any outside input on the decision that we made. We wanted to have the opportunity to gain discipline, go to college and travel the world.”

They said they’re very excited about the journey they are about to embark upon. Having each other to experience this adventure is what they said makes it easier.

Davis stated that he is happy to be a part of their journey and they were very motivated to join the Navy.

“This is my first time being a part of the recruiting process for twins and they were very easy to work with,” Davis said. “It was a quick process, and they made a timely decision. I didn’t even know there was two of them until Angel brought his brother Brian in when it was time for the interview.”

Angel and Brian will be attending bootcamp together after they finish high school.

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