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Department of the Navy Participates in DOD Energy Expo 2022

23 September 2022

From Navy Office of the Chief of Information

ARLINGTON, Va. - The Department of the Navy (DON) participated in the 2022 Pentagon Energy Expo Sept. 20-21, 2022, by showcasing emerging energy capabilities from across the Navy and Marine Corps.

Subject matter experts demonstrated more than 20 emerging energy technologies, ranging from vehicle electrification and energy analysis software, to fuel cells and other alternative energy sources.  The equipment and cutting-edge technologies featured at the Energy Expo are designed to enhance capability for the DON to train, fight, and win in an increasingly complex threat environment and improve the resilience of critical operations on military bases threatened by extreme weather.

“Advancements in energy-related technologies enable a more combat-capable Navy and Marine Corps by empowering our warfighters to operate in contested logistics environments, increasing energy resilience, and ensuring forces can stay on mission,” said Meredith Berger, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations & Environment.  “Industry is a key partners for the Department to be able to improve the energy efficiency and overall resilience of our operational platforms, which is critical to the Navy and Marine Corps’ our ability to sustain distributed operations and build a climate-ready force.”

Operational energy efforts across the Navy and Marine Corps are focused on increasing operational readiness and lethality while reducing fuel demand and overall cost for the training, operations, and maintenance of our platforms and weapon systems.  The DON is also exploring advanced batteries for platforms and weapon systems and advanced energy technology development.

For more information about the 2022 Pentagon Energy Expo and a detailed list of all DON operational energy capabilities please visit:


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