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"LOVE JBPHH" leads base cleanup efforts

29 September 2022

From Staff Sgt. Jacob Thompson, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Public Affairs

JOINT BASE PEARL HARBOR-HICKAM, Hawaii. – As a fixture in the Oahu community and an important historical site, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam is a place that holds tremendous meaning to many people. It is the responsibility of those who live and work on the JBPHH to take care of and maintain the cleanliness of the installation - the organization “Love JBPHH” was organized with this in mind.

“‘Love JBPHH’ was assembled to take pride in the cleanliness and beautification of the historic joint base,” said JBPHH Culinary Specialist 1st Class Daniel Huerta. “The overall goal for this campaign is for all service members and civilians to come together, participate in a joint effort to clean, and make our base and community better.”

The beautification campaign hosted its first cleanup event on Sept. 23, with more than 250 individuals showing up to clean up trash on the Pearl Harbor side of the joint base. The volunteers focused their efforts on debris throughout the main roads and parking lots, and collected nearly three thousand pounds of trash.

“Base cleanups are important because they bring together different tenant commands within the base, and service members from multiple branches to achieve the basic common goal of keeping the base clean and uphold its historic value,” said Huerta. “It also exhibits a sense of ownership of our base and housing communities to the Oahu residents.”

In addition to ensuring the tidiness of the base, cleanups give people an opportunity to connect with one another and meet new people with a shared goal. For Karon Priebe, a Pacific Air Forces Space Force key spouse said cleanups introduce her to new faces and creates a sense of togetherness.

“I get involved because I enjoy the camaraderie of these types of events; it’s a great way to meet new friends or bond with those in your unit,” said Priebe. “The beautification of the base is essential because it builds morale of all that set foot here.”

This mindset Priebe and others share about the upkeep and integrity of the installation is a mindset that extends beyond the gates of JBPHH. As mentioned, the base not only serves as an important historical landmark, but is also importantly situated geographically.

“In our short time in Hawaii, we should strive to respect the land as it is a big part of Hawaiian culture,” Priebe said. “We are at the foot of the watershed and we should do everything we can to clean up the area we live and work in.”

“Love JBPHH” has planned for several additional cleanup events throughout the year, with the next scheduled for late November at the Makalapa Compound and on the Hickam side of the joint base in December.


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