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Why Billet-Based Advancements? Why Now?

22 November 2022

From Fleet Master Chief Delbert Terrell, Personnel, Manpower, & Training

The Navy announced changes to the enlisted advancement system in NAVADMIN 261/22. The message announced a fundamental shift in how enlisted sailors will be advanced, using a billet-based advancement system, beginning with Active Duty Senior Chief Petty Officers who are eligible to participate in the Active Duty Master Chief Petty Officer selection board process Spring 2023. FLTCM Delbert Terrell shares his thoughts. 

Portrait of Fleet Master Chief Delbert Terrell in Navy Working Uniform standing in a hallway
SLIDESHOW | images | Mass Communication Specialist 22085-N-TH560-007 ARLINGTON, Va. (Aug. 5, 2022) Personnel, Manpower, and Training Fleet Master Chief Delbert Terrell Jr. poses for a portrait at Chief of Naval Personnel headquarters, Naval Support Facility Arlington, Aug. 5. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Jeanette M. Mullinax)
A flow chart that shows different processes for senior enlisted Sailors in the senior enlisted marketplace.
SLIDESHOW | images | Senior Enlisted Marketplace A flow-chart graphic that explains what the billet-based advancement process looks like for Sailors in the Senior Enlisted Marketplace. (U.S. Navy graphic by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Jeanette M. Mullinax)

Leaders - I want to talk to you about how the Navy is modernizing its talent management and how this will introduce new opportunities for our Chiefs Mess and beyond.

Specifically, I’m talking about the Navy’s new Senior Enlisted Marketplace and a shift toward billet-based advancements.

It just makes sense. For years, our personnel advancement and personnel distribution (aka detailing) have been misaligned. Billet-based advancements will be a major shift toward decreasing critical gaps at sea and ultimately increasing fleet readiness by ensuring the right Sailors with the right skills are getting the right jobs in our Navy.

Here’s how it will work- Sailors will still go to a selection screening board, then qualified Sailors will compete and be selected for jobs at the next higher pay grade. Once selected, Sailors can accept the orders, obligate the required service time, and get advanced when they report to their new duty station.

Senior Chiefs who are eligible for the fiscal year 24 active duty master chief petty officer selection board in Spring 2023 will be the first group impacted by this change.

This is great news for our Chiefs mess and the future of our enlisted Navy leaders. Billet-based advancements will reduce critical gaps, while offering both monetary and non-monetary incentives to our Sailors who are committed to staying Navy.

This process will also give Sailors more control over their careers. We’ve been talking about how we can minimize unwanted disruptions to the lives of Sailors and their families. This is just one more approach. With the billet-based advancement system, we’re looking at increased flexibility, transparency, and greater geographic stability for Sailors.

This update will expand upon other billet-based advancement programs- which started with the Detailing Marketplace Assignment Policy, Command Advance-to-Position, Advance-to-Position, and the Senior Enlisted Advance-to-Position pilot.

While we operationalize the senior enlisted marketplace, we will continue efforts to correct paygrade misalignments through the senior enlisted assignment optimization process.

In time, billet-based advancements will become the standard for all enlisted Sailors E-5 to E-9. So we must lead by example and start with our seasoned Chiefs Mess. Your junior Sailors and officers all look to you for your tried and true leadership, professionalism and commitment.

As leaders of Navy culture and innovation, your ownership of the senior enlisted marketplace process will help develop greater career opportunities for all Sailors.

Please reach out to your career counselors, detailers, me if you have concerns following the latest update, and check the MyNavy HR website for the latest info on marketplace opportunities. We thank you and your families for your continued service, sacrifice, and leadership.


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