NORFOLK, Va. -- Adm. Daryl Caudle, commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command, and Lt. Gen. Brian Cavanaugh, commander, Marine Forces Command announced the upcoming Large Scale Exercise (LSE) 2023 during a media event held at U.S. Fleet Forces Command, July 24.


LSE 2023 brings together the combined firepower of the Navy and Marine Corps team across six maritime component commands, seven numbered fleets, and 22 time zones. The exercise is scheduled to run from Aug 9-18.


“The ability to command and control our operations across 22 time zones is how we will fight and win in a global environment against our competitors,” said Caudle. “To do so, we have to globally synchronize precision and timing in order to conduct high-end modern warfare.”


LSE 2023 merges real-world operations with virtually constructed scenarios to create a realistic training environment that allows our Sailors and Marines to train the way we fight, regardless of geographic boundaries.


LSE was designed to reinforce the Chief of Naval Operations’ effort to set the stage for advancing naval doctrine and tactics by globally integrating fleet operations with emerging technologies to refine and validate Distributed Maritime Operations (DMO) capabilities.


“Conducting these operations in a live, virtual, and constructive manner is key,” said Cavanaugh. “From the tactical end where we have the Sailors and Marines doing operations on the ground or at sea, all the way up to the command and control aspect, our ability to synchronize and conduct those operations are critical.”

LSE 2023 is the second iteration of this exercise and builds on lessons learned from LSE 2021 and warfighting concepts refined through Fleet Battle Problems.

To learn more about LSE 2023, watch this video.


Participating units will include:

- Six naval and Marine Corps component commands:

U.S. Fleet Forces Command

U.S. Pacific Fleet

U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa Command

Marine Forces Command

U.S. Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa

U.S. Marine Corps Forces Pacific

- Seven U.S. numbered Fleets: