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USNS Burlington Departs for Continuing Promise 2024 Deployment

04 July 2024


The U.S. Navy Spearhead-class fast transport ship, USNS Burlington (T-EPF 10), departed from Naval Station Mayport for Latin America and the Caribbean in support of Continuing Promise 2024.

During this iteration of U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/U.S. 4th Fleet’s Continuing Promise mission, the 14th since 2007, Burlington will stop in Jamaica, Costa Rica, Honduras, Colombia, and Panama to share knowledge and provide side-by-side professional expertise with international partners.
“One of the major benefits of being aboard the USNS Burlington for Continuing Promise 2024 is that this ship is incredibly versatile and has the ability to conduct a variety of mission types,” said Lt. Cmdr. Zachary Smith, mission commander for Continuing Promise 2024.
Christened in 2018, the USNS Burlington is the tenth Spearhead-class ship. It is also the first ship in service named to honor Burlington, Vermont, the state’s largest city. The ship has an off-load ramp for vehicles to move on and off the ship and a flight deck rated to be capable of receiving U.S. Navy helicopters. Operated by a crew of 22, it is capable of transporting over 300 personnel. Of the U.S. Navy personnel onboard, there are 18 unique enlisted job specialties and 10 unique officer specialties to support eight different mission areas.
“The better we can learn to work together during missions such as Continuing Promise the better we can work together as we respond to the real-world challenges that will inevitably come,” said Smith.
The first mission stop for Burlington will be Kingston, Jamaica. While there, embarked medical personnel will work with local medical practitioners to provide enhanced direct patient care, share knowledge and expertise, and strengthen partnership between the U.S. military and Jamaican civilian and military officials.
“It’s important to contribute to other countries… and help out any way we can,” said Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Ricardo Maldonado, a dental technician from Navy Medical Readiness Training Command Portsmouth. While providing assistance to the dental officer onboard, he expects to put smiles on people’s faces by providing them with the medical attention they need.
Pharmacists, optometrists, nurses, biomedical technicians, optometrists, dentists, and general practitioners will be among the 30 U.S. Navy medical professionals sharing their expertise and working with local patients.
Just as in past iterations of Continuing Promise, an integral part of the mission is the United Nations’ (UN) Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) initiative. WPS is derived from a UN resolution signed in 2000 that recognizes women are disproportionally affected by crisis and conflict and aims to provide better support and protection to provide a safer environment in their communities.
“Continuing Promise 2024 will feature at least two multi-day seminars in each location discussing the prevention of gender-based violence, in addition to discussions with the military forces of each partner nation regarding women in the military as it relates to the initiative,” said Smith. “WPS is a cornerstone of the USSOUTHCOM and U.S. 4th Fleet mission because they believe that societies are more peaceful and prosperous when women and men have equal rights, liberties, dignities, and access to resources.”
These seminars are an important way to share knowledge on and provide tools to prevent gender-based violence and improve cooperation on stopping gender inequality.
USNAVSOUTH/FOURTHFLT is the trusted maritime partner for Caribbean, Central and South America maritime forces leading to improved unity, security and stability. Learn more about USNAVSOUTH/4th Fleet at, and @NAVSOUS4THFLT


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