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U.S. Navy Issues Standardized Operational Guidance 3.0

30 September 2020
The Navy issued COVID-19 Standardized Operational Guidance (SOG) Version 3.0 to combat the coronavirus pandemic with NAVADMIN 266/20 Sep. 30

WASHINGTON  -- The Navy issued COVID-19 Standardized Operational Guidance (SOG) Version 3.0 to combat the coronavirus pandemic with NAVADMIN 266/20 Sep. 30

The latest guidance updates the previously issued COVID-19 guidance and is intended to protect the health of individuals and units while preserving operational readiness. Although it is predominantly based on the shipboard environment, this guidance applies to all uniformed Navy personnel and deploying units.

This update incorporates updated Center for Disease Control (CDC) return to work guidance based on an increased understanding of the COVID-19 threat and incorporates lessons learned from the Fleet after operating in the COVID-19 environment. SOG 3.0 serves as a standard framework for deploying units, but commanders may provide more specific guidance, if required.

“We have deployed mission-ready carrier strike groups, strategic assets and independently deploying units within the COVID-19 environment by ensuring disciplined adherence to our mitigation measures,” said Vice Admiral Phil Sawyer, the Navy’s operations chief in charge of coordinating the service’s response to COVID-19. “Sailor’s knowledge of the coronavirus and how to stay infection free is fundamental to our mission and the health of their shipmates and families. As the world and our Navy continue to adjust to the threat of this pandemic, we are prepared to fight through COVID at sea to support execution of critical missions.”

This overarching plan includes a test before the ROM sequester period, a 14-day ROM-sequester and an exit test. Testing is the best way to identify asymptomatic COVID-19 individuals.

Pre-deployment screening will still consist of an assessment of COVID-19 exposure history, a temperature check, a check for COVID-19 signs and symptoms, a review of any past COVID-19 testing, and a thorough evaluation of high risk factors.

Also new to this guidance, commands will now train personnel at their command in contact tracing procedures to ensure a thorough and timely response to a COVID+ Sailor.

The Bureau of Medicine and Surgery COVID-19 Readiness Guide (BUMED CRG) provides medical personnel amplifying guidance to address deployability, duty status, return to work, and return to exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be found at:

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U.S. Navy Issues Standard Operational Guidance 3.0


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