Department of the Navy Top Scientists, Engineers Recognized for Excellence

16 June 2022
WEST BETHESDA, Md. – The best of the best in Navy and Marine Corps science and engineering were recognized June 16, at the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Research, Development and Acquisition (ASN RD&A) Dr. Delores M. Etter Top Scientists and Engineers Awards Ceremony.

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Awardees, family members and staff gathered at the Melville-Taylor Auditorium at Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division in West Bethesda, Maryland.

Mr. Tommy Ross, ASN (RD&A) PTDO, personally recognized top scientists and engineers from across the Department of the Navy (DON), and highlighted their incredible accomplishments.

“Our Navy and Marine Corps remains the envy of our allies, partners and competitors because we consistently build and operate forces with the most advanced technology possible.  Our scientists and engineers are at the forefront of that work,” said Mr. Ross.  “The recipients of the 2022 Dr. Dolores M. Etter awards reflect the very best of the Department’s science and engineering workforce and they are examples for others to follow.” 

The award is named after former ASN (RDA) Dr. Delores M. Etter, who delivered a recorded message congratulating the recipients. She encouraged all DON scientists and engineers to continue pursuing innovations that support America’s fleet and warfighters; and to encourage future generations of engineers and scientists for Department of Navy positions.

Both civilian and military scientists and engineers in the DON were eligible for these annual awards. All nominations were reviewed and scored by an executive panel. Awardees were in the categories of Emergent Engineers (no more than 10 years of cumulative experience), Emergent Scientists, Individual Engineers, Individual Scientists, Group of Scientists and/or Engineers from a single command, and Group of Scientist and/or Engineers collaborating across the Naval Research and Development Establishment (NR&DE), to include Department of Defense.

Recipients of the ASN (RD&A) Dr. Delores M. Etter Top Scientists and Engineers of the Year Award for 2022 are:


  • Mr. Jacob D. Mason, NSWC Carderock Division

Advanced technical methods and processes, resulting in credible estimates for cost, schedule, and risk allowing leadership to make informed decisions about platforms’ established acquisition parameters.

  • Ms. Brittany N. Preston-Baker, NSWC Carderock Division

Conducts 30-40 individual corrosion control projects per year resulting in transition of new corrosion technologies to the Fleet and the utilization of Ship’s Force to perform corrosion control work items.


  • Dr. David M. Sidoti, NRL

Transitioned fast, accurate, and flexible systems to provide submarine operating authorities with tools to enhance their collision avoidance and weapons release for global waterspace planning.

  • Dr. Stephanie Tomasulo, NRL

Developed materials for infrared detectors and emitters that provide critical Department of Defense capabilities, including chemical sensing, infrared searching and tracking, and large-format infrared imaging.


  • Mr. Andrew T. Bouchard, NSWC Panama City Division

Developed the concept of capability expression for representations to improve the verification and validation of autonomous platforms.

  • Mr. Robert A. Fish, NIWC Pacific

Led the implementation of new software technologies, tools, and practices to increase application reliability and security, while reducing lead-time to deployment.

  • Dr. David O. Hubble, NSWC Dahlgren Division

Developed a scalable, flat plate calorimeter to effectively measure power on target of state-of-the-art, high energy laser weapon systems.

  • Mr. Craig A. McClanahan, NIWC Atlantic

Developed a new warfighting capability which improved the operational impact of afloat signals exploitation.

  • Mr. Glenn M. Shevach, NAWC Aircraft Division

Redesigned and developed of the H-60 Blade Fold Module Test Set.

  • Mr. Alexander D. Solomon, MCSC/PEO Land Systems

Led the design, integration, and assembly efforts to modernize the Low Altitude Air Defense Battalions with overwhelming mobile fire power.

  • Dr. Michael Visich, NUWC Newport Division

Leveraged novel modeling and simulation approaches to produce an in-depth Susceptibility Analysis Report between Block I and Block V platforms.


  • Dr. Lauren A. Freeman, NUWC Newport Division

Developed a program to exploit biological ambient sound for novel underwater vehicle detection.

  • Dr. Joanna N. Ptasinski, NIWC Pacific

Discovered novel quantum applications in sensing, decision making, and computational superiority for future Navy C4ISR systems.


  • CVN 78 Full Ship Shock Trials (FSST) Team, NSWC Carderock Division
  • Ms. Lana Rae Craig
  • Mr. Tommy E. Douglas
  • Mr. Roy C. Javier
  • Mr. Steven E. Rutgerson
  • Mr. Henry J. Venne

Performed the USS GERALD R. FORD’s Full Ship Shock Trial, a critical element of the Live Fire Test and Evaluation Program.

  • Deamping System Design Team, NSWC Carderock Division
  • Mr. Albert S. Barsa
  • Dr. Timothy W. Bole
  • Mr. Christopher I. Conner
  • Mr. Rafael C. Hill
  • Mr. Richard M. Mack

Designed a new digitally focused approach to the future CONSTELLATION-Class Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system in unprecedented time.


  • Department of the Navy 5G Integrated Product Team, NIWC Atlantic & Pacific
  • Mr. Grover S. Brinson
  • Mr. John B. Larson
  • Mr. Andrew Leidy
  • Mr. Gregory J. Ross
  • Mr. Joseph A. Snively
  • Mr. Ronald Wolfe

Implemented a 5G Marine Corps Logistics Base Network prototype with zero trust architectures and modular radio access networks.

  • Environmental Effects on Advanced Propulsor Bearings, NRL
  • Mr. Cameron S. Moser
  • Mr. Scott M. Olig

Developed a test method and facility to measure, the static and low frequency response of metal and elastomer mounts under combined mechanical loads and environmental effects.

  • HMS QNLZ JPALS Certification, Naval Test Wing Atlantic
  • Mr. Donovan M. Johnson (Lead)
  • Mrs. Piper M. Rose
  • Mr. Neil C. Winston
  • LtCol Jay M. Zarra

Completed the first Joint Precision Approach and Landing System (JPALS) certification aboard the United Kingdom’s HMS Queen Elizabeth.

  • Lightweight Plate Engineering Team, MCSC Combat Capabilities Development Command
  • Ms. Giuliana M. Davis
  • Ms. Megan L. Hoey
  • Ms. Rachel K. Smith

Developed a new, lighter-weight personal protection plates with an accompanying inspection system.

  • Navy Aviation Survival Training Research & Technology, NAWC Training Systems Division
  • Dr. Emily C. Anania
  • Ms. Beth F. Wheeler Atkinson
  • Dr. Mitchell J. Tindall 

Led the research, development, fielding, and continued evaluation of the effectiveness of advanced technologies to facilitate more robust and effective aviation survival.

  • NUWC Newport Cyber Red Team, NUWC Newport Division
  • Mr. Michael C. Beatty
  • Mr. Matthew D. Furtado
  • Mr. Benet V. George
  • Ms. Theresa M. Manning-Livolsi
  • Mr. Christopher J. Morcom
  • Mr. Pedro A. Vazquez II

Used an innovative approach to operational testing by adding Red Team penetration testing at the developmental stage of new platform technology.

  • Dr. Thomas J. Walls (Lead)
  • Mr. Basil A. Decina
  • Mr. Dale C. Linne von Berg
  • Dr. Michael L. Wilson

Demonstrated an advanced multiple intelligence sensor, platform, and cooperative target detection and EW effects capabilities in mission relevant operational environments.

  • Sub Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery Manufacturing Improvement Team, NSWC Crane Division
  • Mr. Nicholas J. Angell
  • Mr. Andrew J. Herold, Jr
  • Mr. Michael K. Huffman
  • Mr. Josiah H. Ward
  • Mr. Barry D. Whaley

Designed a modeling program for failure analysis on a Sealed Valve Regulated Lead Acid submarine battery manufacturing defect.

  • Test Equipment Engineering: Engine Support Team, NAVAIR/Fleet Readiness Center East
  • Mr. Jordon J. Barnes
  • Mr. Joshua L. Guthrie
  • Mr. Neil T. Taylor

Solved multiple highly technical issues with Fleet Readiness Center East engine test cells to maintain engine supply and readiness for the warfighter.

  • Corrosion Failure Investigation Team, NSWC PHD/ NSWC DD/NRL/ NSWC PDMs.
  • Patricia L. Haggerty
  • Mr. Bruce B. Leaman
  • Mr. Edward J. Lemieux
  • Mr. Son T. Nguyen
  • Mr. Tim J. Tenopir

Identified three root causes for USS Portland’s Laser Weapon System Demonstrator corrosion issues with recommended solutions.

  • Nickel Aluminum Bronze Alloying for Large Propulsor Castings, NRL/NFPC/ NSWC CD
  • Ms. Sarah Byrnes
  • Dr. Derek J. Horton
  • Dr. Mary E. Parker
  • Mr. Trevor G. Thayer
  • Mrs. Meredith Well

Developed and implemented an innovative alloying method for large, slow cooled castings of nickel aluminum bronze.

The Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition serves as the Navy Service Acquisition Executive (SAE).  ASN RDA has authority, responsibility and accountability for all acquisition functions and programs, and for enforcement of Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment procedures. The Assistant Secretary represents the Department of the Navy to USD (A&S) and to Congress on all matters relating to acquisition policy and programs.

The Assistant Secretary establishes policies and procedures and manages the Navy's Research, Development and Acquisition activities in accordance with DoD 5000 Series Directives. The Assistant Secretary serves as Program (Milestone) Decision Authority on ACAT IC programs and recommends decisions on ACAT ID programs.


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