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Department of the Navy Releases Cyberspace Superiority Vision

28 October 2022

WASHINGTON – The Department of the Navy’s Principal Cyber Advisor (DON PCA), Mr. Christopher Cleary, released the DON Cyberspace Superiority Vision (CSV) last week to guide the Department’s pursuit of cyberspace superiority and improve the Department’s cyber posture. The vision consists of three core principles: Secure, Survive, and Strike.

The CSV outlines our vision for securing DON in cyberspace. Additionally, the CSV identifies the need to increase resiliency and prepare to “fight hurt” to survive adversary cyberattacks. Finally, the CSV lays the groundwork for developing the capable cyber forces required to strike adversaries in and through the cyber domain.

“The principles of secure, survive, and strike build an enduring advantage for the Department of the Navy and enable our force to prevail in competition, crisis, and conflict,” said Cleary.

The CSV’s principles build on objectives in the DON Chief Information Officer’s Information Superiority Vision (ISV) to modernize, innovate, and defend DON’s cyber infrastructure. The ISV and the CSV together serve as the DON’s framework for achieving cyberspace and information superiority.

The DON PCA’s mission is to drive excellence in DON’s cyber security, resiliency, and warfighting efforts to enable and maintain maritime dominance. The DON PCA advises senior Navy and Marine Corps leadership on all cyberspace activities, annually certifies cyber budget adequacy, and implements the Department of Defense Cyber Strategy.

Read the full text of the CSV here.


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