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CNO Visits Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head

09 February 2024

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Lisa Franchetti visited Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Division (NSWC IHD), Feb. 9.

INDIAN HEAD, Md. (Feb. 9, 2024) – Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Lisa Franchetti visited Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Division (NSWC IHD), Feb. 9.

Franchetti’s visit provided her the opportunity to see firsthand how NSWC IHD, the Navy’s Arsenal, is foundational to the munitions industrial base and is gearing up to meet increased demand by partnering with the commercial industry.

“Indian Head is a critical part of our foundation, and I’m grateful for the work you do here,” said Franchetti. “I can tell that you’re focused on warfighting and that’s what matters – delivering lethality and decisive combat power.”

During the visit, CNO heard how NSWC IHD is built for production, engineering, research development, test and evaluation, and how that has resulted in significant capability development.

She also recognized and spoke with Sailors and civilians who work to bring cutting-edge technology to the Navy, including the newest underwater explosive in 40 years, enhancing the lethality of mines, torpedoes and novel missile engagements.

Franchetti also received a brief on NSWC IHD’s energetics comprehensive modernization plan (ECMP) and how it is changing their business model with a focus on investments in improved safety and readiness, renovation and expansion, and state of the art modernization to optimize production tenfold.

During the brief, Mr. Ashley Johnson, NSWC IHD Technical Director, explained how NSWC IHD is a thought leader for the Department of Defense in this arena, executing public, private partnerships with the commercial industrial base to minimize capacity gaps and meet munitions demands.

“We need more players on the field, ready players, and that means munitions,” Franchetti said. “As we implement the ECMP and expand our munitions base we need to continue to tap into all of our resources across the joint force, with our industrial base, and our international partners.”

Franchetti concluded her visit by touring the warhead production floor, meeting the workforce and hearing directly from them about the mix, cast, cure operations from the beginning with inert preparation through the assembly, test and pack-out. She also heard how ECMP’s infrastructure investment makes the facilities much more reliable and increases readiness levels, unlocking latent capacity.

This was Franchetti’s first visit to NSWC Indian Head as Chief of Naval Operations.



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