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Navy Resources Arrive in Baltimore to Support Key Bridge efforts

29 March 2024

BALTIMORE – The Chesapeake, a 1000-ton lift capacity derrick barge, the Ferrell, a 200-ton lift capacity revolving crane barge, and the Oyster Bay, a 150-ton lift capacity crane barge have arrived to Baltimore Harbor.

An additional 400-ton lift capacity barge is on track to arrive early next week. The barges, contracted through Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) will support the U.S. Coast Guard led Unified Command in its effort to clear and re-open the channel.

The barges will be used by the Navy’s Supervisor of Salvage and Diving (SUPSALV) to remove submerged portions of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. SUPSALV will accomplish the work in phases. Following an overall assessment, work will focus on disassembling and removing the bridge section by section. The disassembled pieces will be lifted onto barges, which will then be transported away.

An additional 12 crane and support vessels to include tugs, survey, dive and crew boats, are in the mobilization process and will arrive to Baltimore in the coming days. SUPSALV will manage the operation and use of all assets to provide centralized oversight of all salvage operations.

SUPSALV is a world leader in the ocean engineering discipline of marine salvage, towing, pollution control and abatement, diving and diving system safety, salvage equipment procurement and underwater ship husbandry.

For Navy-specific questions, please contact the CHINFO Newsdesk at  For general questions related to Key Bridge support efforts, please contact the U.S. Coast Guard led Unified Command at




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