CNO Statement Regarding Captain Crozier - 2 April 2020

02 April 2020
Chief of Naval Operations, Adm. Mike Gilday's statement regarding Captain Crozier, April 2, 2020.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, 

The Acting Secretary of the Navy has lost confidence in the Commanding Officer of USS Theodore Roosevelt, and I support the Secretary in his decision to relieve Captain Crozier. I have provided my military advice every step of the way to the Secretary as he came to this decision. 

That is why we have taken action today, as well as initiated an investigation into the events that have unfolded aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt. 

Make no mistake. No one cares more about our Sailors, and those aboard Theodore Roosevelt, than me and our other senior leaders. Our Sailors deserve the best leadership we can provide. 

As I said yesterday at this podium, being a commanding officer brings with it an extraordinary responsibility – and that responsibility is absolute. 

We place a great amount of trust and confidence in our commanding officers, and rely on them to manage risk, and make decisions that are fact-based all while communicating openly and honestly with their chain of command. 

We trust them to calmly and unemotionally take action in the face of the most challenging circumstances. 

We want our commanding officers to tell us when things aren’t going well so we can help address potential problems. 

We want them to tell their chain of command what they need. We want them to tell the truth. Trust up and down the chain of command is the bond that keeps us steady. 

As military men and women, we prepare daily to deal with adversity, uncertainty and conflict. 

Americans depend on us for security. We will not let them down. 

Thank you.

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