Military Spouse Appreciation Day Statement

07 May 2021
Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday, Vice Chief of Naval Operations Admiral William Lescher, and Chief of Legislative Affairs Rear Adm. Sarah Joyner issued a statement regarding Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

VIDEO | 01:31 | Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Below is a transcript of the video.

CNO: Shipmates, CNO Gilday here on Military Spouse Appreciation Day to recognize and to say thank you to all of our military spouses. So today, let’s take time to applaud their service, dedication and support as well as to recognize them for the daily sacrifices they make, and the challenges they overcome.

VCNO: Military Spouse Appreciation Day is a fantastic opportunity for us to honor the contributions of all spouses who are part of our Navy Team and who make our naval service possible. 

CLA: Through every deployment, each mission, and countless PCS moves, our spouses often endure separations, and shoulder the day-to-day responsibilities of managing and running a household – many with their own careers and some in military service.

CNO: Military spouses do all of this with inspiring grace and are a constant source of strength and for our families.

VCNO: Whether our spouses are in the military or wear no rank or uniform, they all serve our nation with pride, passion and care.

CLA: So today, for all the seen and unseen responsibilities you carry, for all the tough conversations, career choices, and family adjustments you make…. Thank you.

CNO: We are grateful. And we couldn’t do it without you.

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