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CNO and Linda Gilday Issue a Message to the Fleet for the Navy Birthday

12 October 2021

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday and his spouse Linda issued a message to the fleet for the Navy's 246th birthday, Oct. 12.

VIDEO | 01:35 | CNO and Linda Gilday's 246th Navy Birthday Message

Shipmates, this year we are celebrating the Navy's 246th Birthday.

The theme of this year's Birthday celebration is "Resilient and Ready," which speaks to the service, dedication and strength of both our Sailors and their families.

America's need for a strong Navy is rooted in our past and has never been more important. Indeed, providing a safe, secure, and stable maritime system is an essential part of what our Navy does every day. We are not simply the "keeper of the seas" but the "keeper of the global way of life" as well. WE are the primary guarantors of peace, prosperity, and maintain the open flow of goods on the oceans.

Through every deployment and PCS move, spouses often endure separations, as well as shoulder the day-to-day responsibilities of managing and running a household - along with their own careers.

While our ships and submarines are made of steel, our Sailors and their families are the lifeblood of our force, and at the heart of our birthday celebration.

So today, for the seen and unseen responsibilities you ALL carry, and for the daily sacrifices you ALL make. Thank you.

Happy 246th Birthday, Shipmates. See you in the Fleet.


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