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President Joe Biden's Birthday Message to the U.S. Navy

13 October 2021
Message from President Joe Biden Commemorating the 246th Birthday of the United States Navy, Oct. 13, 2021.



October 13, 2021

I send my warmest greetings to sailors across our Nation and around the world as we celebrate the 246th birthday of the United States Navy. 

The founding of the naval service began before our Nation's independence, when General George Washington wrote a letter to the Continental Congress, asking for properly equipped ships to prevent enemy vessels from bringing supplies to the British Army. That moment marked a turning point in the American Revolution and paved the way for our Nation's seafaring military might. 

Throughout our history, United States Navy sailors have fought heroically to defend America from threats on land, air, and sea. Today, the United States Navy is the most effective and admired seagoing force the world has ever known. Our Navy is steadfast in our Nation's commitment to work alongside our allies and partners to deter aggression, defend freedom, preserve economic prosperity, and keep the world's seas open and free. 

As the United States rises to face the global challenges that will shape our future, the Navy remains what it always has been-ready to meet the moment. Our active duty and Navy Reserve sailors are not only trained to fight, but equipped to provide humanitarian assistance. From disaster relief in devastated areas to assisting refugees and deploying emergency medical units, the work of our Nation's sailors is vital to combatting the interconnected challenges of our time. Even through the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States Navy delivered lifesaving vaccines across oceans to vulnerable communities around the world. 

As Commander in Chief, it is my honor to thank our sailors for their contributions to our Nation and for helping their fellow Americans in times of need. Their integrity, determination, toughness, and resilience reflect the best of America. God bless the United States Navy, their families, and all those who serve and protect our Nation. 



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