CNO Gilday's Chief Pinning Message 2021

18 November 2021
Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Mike Gilday delivers a message for the Chief Petty Officer pinning, set to take place around the fleet at various dates in Nov. 2021.

VIDEO | 02:20 | CNO Gilday's Message for the 2021 Pinning to Chief Petty Officer


Shipmates, CNO Gilday here.

Today is an important day. Not just for those who are pinning on Anchors, but for our entire United States Navy.

Across the Fleet, Sailors are making the incredible transition and advancing to the most important rank in our Navy, Chief Petty Officer.

As I reflect on the critical impact Chiefs have had on my life and my career, I’m convinced of the importance of the Mess as an institution.  And by institution, I do not mean a space, a collar device or a set of traditions. Rather, it is the sum of our daily acts, large and small, that Chiefs routinely undertake to enable our Sailors to perform their very best.

You see, a Chief’s leadership not only also sets the high water mark for our Sailors on the deck plates, but drives the Navy forward. In so many ways, Chief Petty Officers are the masters of the Fleet’s fate. Make no mistake, we need you.

Carrying forward the legacy of those who came before you will test you, and will draw on all the skills, knowledge, and experiences that formed the basis for your selection. However, I am confident that you’ll rise to meet these obligations, making the most of each and every day, leading our Sailors to their full potential.


We need your best efforts and I want every Chief in the Fleet, new and old, to remember the Navy not only expects more of you, but we demand it - now, more than ever.


Never forget that the strength of our Navy relies on the strength of the Mess. Draw inspiration from the creed and your fellow Chiefs, endure adversity with a happy heart, and carry forward the legacy of those who came before you by ensuring the highest level of readiness in our Navy’s most treasured asset , our Sailors.


To those of you donning your anchors today, Congratulations. You are now the Chief! Now Anchor Up, and we’ll see you in the Fleet Shipmates.


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