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President Joe Biden's Birthday Message to the U.S. Navy

13 October 2022

Message from President Joe Biden Commemorating the 247th Birthday of the United States Navy, Oct. 13, 2022.

October 13, 2022

As Commander in Chief, it is my honor to join sailors and Americans everywhere in celebrating the 247th birthday of the United States Navy.

On this day in 1775, the Continental Congress established the Navy- then only two ships manned by crews of 80 men- to defend the freedom of the Thirteen Colonies. Today, our Navy has grown into the greatest seagoing force the world has ever known. Our sailors train elite units, fly cutting-edge jets, and command the most sophisticated submarines and ships in the world. While much has changed since the creation of America's first fleet, its core mission endures: defending our democracy, safeguarding our freedom, and protecting our people.

Around the world, U.S . sailors are keeping our seas open and our skies safe. They stand ready to face danger and serve those in need- from supporting refugees and helping communities dealing with natural disasters to stepping up in humanitarian crises and ending painful wars. To forge a better future for all of us, they work side by side with our allies to preserve peace, representing the very best of our American spirit.

Over the years, the First Lady and I have had the privilege of meeting many sailors and their families . From submariners aboard the USS Delaware to midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy, they come from all walks of life to unite behind a common creed: to serve our Nation with honor, courage, and commitment- making our world more safe, secure, and stable for generations to come.

We owe our sailors and their families a great deal. So today- and every day- I join my fellow Americans in honoring the proud patriots of the United States Navy and their loved ones for sacrificing so much for our country. May God bless the United States Navy and all who serve this great Nation.

Joseph R. Biden, Jr.


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