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Director of MyNavy Career Center (MNCC), Capt. Laura Scotty, poses for an environmental portrait in the MyNavy Career Center.

Celebrating Two Years of MyNavy Career Center

by NPC Public Affairs | 12 November 2020

by NPC Public Affairs | 12 November 2020

Since its inception in September 2018, MNCC has stood up two 24/7 contact centers; established a Command Pay and Personnel Administrator (CPPA) Pro-to-Pro Specialty Cell; and handled over 800,000 cases on behalf of our customers. 

MNCC averages 1,500 contacts per day with a typical case resolved within 48 hours.  In fact, we resolve more than 91% of our cases within 72 hours! 

We accomplish this by offering multiple options for service to best support our customers. 

Sailors can complete many HR tasks easily on their own using self-service options like the MyNavy Portal (MNP) and Navy Personnel and Pay (NP2).   If they need help, contact agents are available 24/7 via phone, email or chat at the MNCC Contact Center.  These agents are supported by a team of HR and policy subject matter experts (SME) who can resolve the more complex HR questions customers may have.

This “tiered service delivery model” takes the resources that used to require a full Personnel Support Detachment with trained experts to access and puts them at a Sailor’s fingertips. 

MNP and NP2 (Tier 0) are self-service online resources; the MNCC Contact Center (Tier 1) is who the Sailor or CPPA can contact when the answer isn’t found online; and for the really hard questions, our Contact Center agents can escalate the case to our SMEs (Tier 2) for resolution.  

Bottom line: MNCC’s Tiered Service Delivery Model empowers Sailors with their ability to access HR services from various channels in order to receive efficient and accurate HR services.

Tier 0:  MyNavy Portal and Navy Personnel and Pay online Self-Service

Tier 0 is the self-service online option and starts with MyNavy Portal ( This is a Sailors’ first point of access to HR services. Sailors can complete various self-service actions or initiate requests regarding Advancement, Education, ePARS, Leave, PCS, Assignments, and more through a computer or mobile device. In addition to self-service actions, MNP has a chat functionality to communicate directly with the MNCC Contact Center. Through this chat, Sailors can initiate a request, get a status update on their case, or ask additional questions.

Tier 1: MNCC Contact Center call-in or chat support

MNCC Tier 1 is comprised of the MNCC Contact Center, where more than 200 customer service agents are available to assist with HR issues via phone, email, or chat. The MNCC Contact Center is open 24/7, 365 days a year to help resolve general inquiries and provide status updates on existing cases.

While the MNCC Contact Center is equipped to handle a variety of HR issues, the Sailor’s chain of command and their CPPA are still the first point of contact for pay-related issues. MNCC provides additional back-end support to CPPAs through a special Pro-to-Pro cell to resolve pay-related issues as quickly as possible.  Active duty and reserve Sailors, retirees, veterans and family members can contact MNCC at 1-833-330-MNCC(6622) or

Tier 2: Subject Matter Experts

While Tier 1 agents are often able to resolve inquiries during the initial contact, more complex issues may need a SMEs to provide additional guidance. When this happens, a Sailor’s case will be escalated from the agent to a Tier 2 SME to resolve the issue.

What Comes Next?

MNCC will continue to evolve over time to ensure that our customers continue to receive the highest quality HR service. MyNavy Portal will be continuously enhanced to provide more self-service options, links to new HR products, and additional resources to answer questions.

Over the next several months, content will be posted on the MyNavy HR Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages outlining various questions and capabilities served by MyNavy Portal, the MNCC Contact Center, and CPPAs. Sailors can also read more about MNCC in the Sailor-to-Sailor Newsletter and in material distributed at their commands.

MNCC’s success over the last two years is just the beginning in the continued evolution of the MyNavy HR enterprise. The Navy is constantly working to ensure that MyNavy Portal; the more than 200 MNCC agents and SMEs; and Navy HR technology are all best equipped to provide an exceptional HR experience.

Congratulations MNCC on two successful years serving all our customers - active duty and reserve Sailors and their families, Navy Retirees and Navy Veterans. 

Here’s to many more successful years to come!


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