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F-35C Lightning II

Last updated: 28 Sep 2021

The 5th generation F-35 Lightning II integrates advanced stealth technology into a highly agile, supersonic aircraft that provides the pilot with unprecedented situational awareness and unmatched lethality and survivability. As new threats emerge, it is more important than ever for U.S. and allied fighter fleets to fly the F-35 stealth fighter, the world's only 5th generation international aircraft. While each aircraft is uniquely designed to operate from different environments, all three variants set new standards in network-enabled mission systems, sensor fusion and supportability. The F-35 redefines the multirole fighter.
The F-35 is designed with the entire battlespace in mind, bringing transformational capability to the United States and its allies. Missions traditionally performed by specialized aircraft (air-to-air combat, air-to-ground strikes, electronic attack, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) can now be executed by a squadron of F-35s.

For the first time in U.S. naval aviation history, radar-evading stealth capability comes to the carrier deck. The F-35C carrier variant sets new standards in weapon system integration, lethality, maintainability, combat radius and payload that bring true multimission power projection capability from the sea.

The F-35C combines lessons learned from previous aircraft with technology breakthroughs to produce a fighter that retains its stealthy advantage with minimal low observable maintenance, even in the harshest shipboard conditions.

The F-35C matches 5th generation survivability with major advances in network-enabled mission systems, reliability and interoperability. It is a first-day-of-the-war fighter with the capability to dominate adversaries in the air or on the surface, while surviving the most formidable threat environments.
General Characteristics
Primary Function: As threats around the world advance and legacy aircraft continue to age, the F-35 Lightning II is absolutely critical to ensuring the United States and our allies are operating the most powerful and effective aircraft in the world, no matter the enemy.
Contractor: Primary: Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems
Unit Cost: $94.4M for LRIP 14
Propulsion: F135-PW-100
Length: 51.5 ft / 15.7 m
Height: 14.7 ft / 4.48 m
Wingspan: 43 ft / 13.1 m
Weight: 70,000 lb
Airspeed: Mach 1.6
Range: >1,200 n.mi / 2,200 km
Crew: 1
Load: 18,000 lb / 8,160 kg
Armament: AIM-120C/D, GBU-31 JDAM, AIM-9X, GBU-12 LGB and AGM-154 JSOW

Point of Contact
Naval Air Systems Command
F-35 Joint Program Office

200 12th Street S. Ste. 600
Arlington VA 22202

(703) 601-5490


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