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Ocean Surveillance Ships - T-AGOS

Last updated: 13 Oct 2021

Ocean surveillance ships gather underwater acoustical data. The T-AGOS ships are operated by Military Sealift Command to support the anti-submarine warfare mission of the commanders of the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets.
The two classes of surveillance ships use surveillance towed-array sensor system (SURTASS) equipment to gather undersea acoustic data. The ships also carry electronic equipment to process and transmit that data via satellite to shore stations for evaluation. Victorious-class ocean surveillance ships are built on a small-waterplane, twin-hull, or SWATH, design for greater stability at slow speeds in high latitudes under adverse weather conditions. Impeccable has a hull form based on that of Victorious, but has a more powerful propulsion plant and is designed specifically for deploying an additional active towed-array system.
The ships are operated and maintained by civilian contractors for the Military Sealift Command. A contract for the first SWATH ship, T-AGOS 19, was awarded in November 1986, and options for the next three were exercised in October 1988. The keel for the first Impeccable class was laid down Feb. 2, 1993. Ship was more than 60 percent completed when the shipyard encountered difficulties. The contract was sublet to Halter Marine on April 20, 1995 to complete the ship. Impeccable finally entered MSC service in October 2001.
General Characteristics, Victorious Class
Builder: McDermott Marine, Morgan City, LA
Propulsion: Diesel-electric; 4 Caterpillar 3,512 diesel generators, 2 GE motors, twin screw 1,600 shaft hp; 2 bow thrusters; 2,400 horsepower
Length: 234.5 feet (71.48 meters)
Beam: 93.6 feet (28.53 meters)
Displacement: 3,384 tons (3,438.14 metric tons) full load
Speed: 10 kts, 3 knots when towing array
Crew: 19-22 mariners, 5 technicians and up to 15 Navy personnel
Homeport: No homeport assigned
USNS Victorious (T-AGOS 19)
USNS Effective (T-AGOS 21)
USNS Loyal (T-AGOS 22)
General Characteristics, Impeccable Class
Builder: Tampa Shipyard/Halter Marine.
Propulsion: Diesel-electric; three diesel generators; 2 Westinghouse motors; 5,000 horsepower; twin screw shaft; 2 omni-thruster hydrojets; 1,800 horsepower.
Length: 281.5 feet (85.8 meters).
Beam: 95.8 feet (29.2 meters).
Displacement: 5,370 tons (5,456.18 metric tons) full load.
Speed: 13 knots, 3 knots when towing.
Crew: 20 mariners, 5 technicians and up to 20 Navy personnel.
Homeport: No homeport assigned.
USNS Impeccable (T-AGOS 23), No homeport
General Characteristics
Length: 235 ft
Beam: 94 ft
Displacement: 3,384 tons
, None
, None
USNS Able (T-AGOS 20), None

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