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UC-35 Citation

Last updated: 18 Aug 2020


The UC-35C is a Citation V Ultra, Cessna Model 560, and the UC-35D is a Citation Encore, Cessna Model 560, aircraft series manufactured by Cessna Aircraft Company. The UC-35C/D fleet is located at multiple sites around the United States and overseas and is responsible for the transport of high priority passengers and cargo with time, place or mission sensitive requirements.

The UC-35C is a multipurpose, low-wing, business-jet monoplane with a pod-mounted engine on each side of the aft fuselage. The aircraft can accommodate passengers, cargo or both.

General Characteristics
Contractor: DynCorps; Valair and Pratt & Whitney.
Date Deployed: UC-35C - 1999; UC-35D - 2001
Unit Cost: New G550 - $64 Million.
Propulsion: UC-35C- Two Pratt & Whitney JT15D-5D engines; UC-35D - Two Pratt & Whitney PW535A engines.
Length: (Nose to Tail) 48 feet 9 inches (14.9 meters).
Height: (Tail Height) 15 feet (4.6 meters).
Wingspan: 52 feet 2 inches (15.9 meters).
Weight: Max. gross, takeoff: 16,300 pounds (7,393.6 kilograms)
Airspeed: 449 knots (574.7 miles per hour)
Range: Max. 1,800 miles (2,896.8 kilometers)
Crew: Pilot, Co-Pilot

Point of Contact
Naval Air Systems Command
Public Affairs Department

47123 Buse Road
B2272, Suite 162
Patuxent River, MD 20670-5440

(301) 757-1719


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