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Flyaway Deep Ocean Salvage System (FADOSS)

Last updated: 08 Sep 2021

The Flyaway Deep Ocean Salvage System (FADOSS) is a portable, ship lift system designed to provide reliable deep ocean lifting capacity of up to 60,000 pounds for the recovery of large, bulky, and heavy sunken objects such as aircraft or small vessels.

The most important component of the system is the ship motion compensator (SMC), which offsets the ship's heave motion to prevent high-snap tension from occurring in the lift line. This is done using its pressurized ram cylinder and sheave assembly. 

Other major components of FADOSS include: the Traction Winch, a hydraulic power unit, an air compressor, and the air control manifold. The components are grouped in three sizes: 15-KIP, 30-KIP and 60-KIP systems. It is possible to mix and match the components based on the size and capabilities of the platform which will be mobilized, the depth of the object to be retrieved, the weight of the object, and configuration for running the lift line from the ship to the sea, where fairlead block are used.  

FADOSS is coupled with a Take-up Storage Reel (or line spooler) to store the lift line and uniformly feed the line through the traction winch and SMC. The Take-up Storage Reel is sized for the load weight and depth of lift, both of which dictate the diameter and length of the line stored on the reel. Deck space is also a consideration, as the 15-KIP storage reel has a smaller footprint than either the 30-KIP or 60-KIP storage reel.

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