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United States Navy
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-"For us, its a pretty deal because we know what a wonderful opportunity that we've had to add to Naval history." - Patrick Wilson, Actor in MIDWAY

-"Check out these photos of the interview!

The Last Ship

"These are the most noble people you could ever imagine...I think everyone watching at home should feel good about the U.S. Navy after watching this show, because we feel that way." - Steve Kane, Exec. Producer/Writer for The Last Ship

Hunter Killer

"I'd like to thank the Navy for all their help because we couldn't have done it without them, or we could but it would not have been a good movie." - Gerard Butler, Actor/Producer for Hunter Killer

"I actually went underway with the [USS] Texas and shot with the real crew." - Donovan Marsh, Director for Hunter Killer

Disney's Planes

"The United States Navy has been very helpful and helping us get the movie right in its detail." - Klay Hall, Director for Disney's Planes

TransformerS 5

"Today we're shooting at the USS Carl Vinson in San Diego, continuing long tradition with the U.S. military." - Ian Bryce, Producer for Transformers 5


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