Chief of Naval Air Training Team Member Recognized for Public Affairs Excellence

12 May 2020

From Ensign Beau Nickerson

The Navy's Chief of Information (CHINFO) recognized a Chief of Naval Air Training (CNATRA) staff member April 9 for excellence in public affairs as part of the Thompson-Ravitz Awards Program.

The Navy’s Chief of Information (CHINFO) recognized a Chief of Naval Air Training (CNATRA) staff member April 9 for excellence in public affairs as part of the Thompson-Ravitz Awards Program.

CHINFO named Deputy Public Affairs Officer Anne Owens 2019 Department of the Navy Junior Civilian Public Affairs Specialist of the Year.

“These awards recognize exceptional work by individuals and communication teams throughout the Navy, reflecting the quality of our community, and the value our work brings to our Service,” Chief of Information Rear Adm. Charles Brown said in the announcement message. “Just as importantly, these awards also show all of us what right looks like – it recognizes those who have set a bar for performance that we should all strive to achieve.”

Owens, a native of Farmville, North Carolina, was selected based upon her work toward CNATRA’s strategic communication goals in addition to her leadership, and commitment to education and professional development.

The CNATRA public affairs team provides strategic communication support for 17 training/helicopter training squadrons under five air wings, across three states in addition to the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels.

“It’s wonderful to see Ms. Owens’ hard work and dedication recognized at Department of the Navy level,” CNATRA Public Affairs Officer Lt. Michelle Tucker said. “Her outstanding contributions to CNATRA’s public affairs mission have led to greater awareness about our people and programs. She has shown incredible commitment to personal professional development and mentorship of new public affairs accessions, which will have a lasting effect on the PA community.”

Owens has been at CNATRA since 2017 and was previously selected as the 2018 Junior Civilian of the Year. In addition to her daily duties, Owens recently completed the Public Affairs Qualification Course-Distance Learning with just the in-residence portion remaining.

“I’m humbled to be chosen to receive this award,” Owens said. “There’s so much talent among my peers in the PA community. I am very lucky to be a part of the CNATRA team, and am proud to support our Navy and Marine Corps aviators.”

The Thompson-Ravitz Awards for Excellence in Public Affairs recognizes Sailors and civilians in 28 categories split among units and individuals across the entire Navy. There are five individual award categories, one of which is Junior Civilian Public Affairs Specialist of the Year and is open to those paygrade GS-11 and below. The program is named for Rear Adm. William Thopson, the first dedicated public affairs officer selected for flag rank, and Rear Adm. Robert A. Ravitz, one of the first directors of the Naval Reserve public affairs program and special assistants to CHINFO.

Headquartered in Corpus Christi, CNATRA trains the world’s finest combat-quality aviation professionals, delivering them at the right time, in the right numbers, and at the right cost to a naval force that is where it matters, when it matters.

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