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Blue Angels

The name, script, paint scheme, and emblem of the Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron (Blue Angels®) are among the Navy’s most famous and legally recognized trademarks. For specific questions regarding use of the name or emblems of the Blue Angels, please click here or contact:

Joel L. Bouve

Associate Counsel

Chief of Naval Air Training

250 Lexington Blvd., Suite 117

Corpus Christi, TX  78419

Comma: (361) 961-3510/1839

DSN:  861-3510/1839; Fax: x4450

BB: (361) 438-6285

For additional information or to report unauthorized use please contact the Trademark Licensing Program Office:

Manager, Trademark Licensing


By Mail:

Department of the Navy
Office of Naval Research
Office of Counsel
875 N. Randolph Street
Suite W515A
Arlington, VA 22203



(703) 696-4002

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