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Welcome to the Navy's official trademark and licensing website. This website assists you in answering your trademark and licensing questions, provides information about the Navy’s trademark and licensing program and is your gateway to becoming an official licensee.

Our goal is to preserve the rich heritage and integrity of the Navy’s brand. The licensing of products that include the Navy trademarks and insignia protects the Navy’s name, reputation, and image. Permission needs to be granted by the U.S Navy Trademark Licensing Office to anyone who would like to incorporate these trademarks on any products to ensure quality standards and protection of this historical brand.

The Navy requires all licensees to properly identify all licensed products with approved hangtags, holographic stickers and/or labels purchased through JPatton, the Navy's contracted vendor for holographic trademark products.

The licensee (manufacturer) will attach these hangtags on their officially licensed and approved products. These labels reassure the consumers that they are purchasing a licensed product and helps the Navy monitor the market place for infringements.

We look forward to receiving your application.


The Navy’s Trademark Licensing Office is working remotely. All application submissions are reviewed electronically. If you have mailed us a package for review, please resubmit this electronically to ensure your submission is not delayed. If you are submitting a licensing application, please send your application, supporting documents, and graphics of the products you would like licensed to:

When submitting graphics for products, please include images or photos and the following information:

  • The country the product is produced
  • The materials used to produce the product by country.
  • High resolution photographs from different angles to show the full product sample.

If you need to reach us, feel free to contact us at (703) 696-4002

For additional information or to report unauthorized use please contact the Trademark Licensing Program Office:

Manager, Trademark Licensing


By Mail:

Department of the Navy
Office of Naval Research
Office of Counsel
875 N. Randolph Street
Suite W515A
Arlington, VA 22203



(703) 696-4002

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