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Crafter’s License

The Department of the Navy is proud to offer a program that benefits crafters and hobbyists. A crafter is defined as an individual producing domestic handcrafted items in the home with Navy trademarks and selling to individual consumers via events or direct sales. Sale sites include street festivals, craft fairs, farmers markets, and online craft marketplaces like Etsy.

To qualify for the Crafter License Program, the following criteria needs to be met:

  • Items must be hand-made; no commercially manufactured items are allowed.
  • If anticipated sales exceed 500 units or sales revenue exceeds $5,000 in one year, please refer to our Standard License Application.
  • A Crafter’s License allows for sales to individual consumers only, not via wholesale or a third party retailer. This means that sales may not be conducted through retail stores.
  • The following fees will apply on an annual basis:
    • $75 for gross sales up to $1,499
    • $150 for gross sales between $1,500 and $2,499; and
    • $200 for gross sales between $2,500 and $5,000
  • The crafter is required to bear all risk in respect of the articles and hold the Department of the Navy harmless. The crafter may wish to purchase product liability insurance.
  • Licenses are valid for a term period, usually a 12 month period, and may be renewed at the sole discretion of the Department of the Navy.

Upon execution of a license and receipt of the licensing fee, an Officially Licensed Navy Crafter certificate will be provided for display by the crafter. Crafter’s are not required to purchase holograms, but may do so if they desire.

The application should be completed and submitted together with an image or sample of the proposed product by uploading on the page of the electronic application. You can check on the status of your application by emailing us at or by calling (703) 696-4002 or (703) 696-6676.

Once the samples have been reviewed and approved, a Crafter’s License Agreement will be emailed to the crafter for review and signature. Once the agreement is finalized, an invoice with instructions on how to process the payments will be sent.


Crafter Licensing Application

(for new applicants and renewals)

Download the PDF then email the application

For additional information or to report unauthorized use please contact the Trademark Licensing Program Office:

Manager, Trademark Licensing


By Mail:

Department of the Navy
Office of Naval Research
Office of Counsel
875 N. Randolph Street
Suite W515A
Arlington, VA 22203



(703) 696-4002
(703) 696-6676

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